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A talk at St Julian's Primary

The Process of Filmmaking Talk by Nutty Pear Newport

We were recently invited to St Julian's Primary School in Newport to give a talk to Year 6 about the process of filmmaking.

It's something we didn't hesitate in agreeing to, just recently we worked with Mila and Pheebs, a children's stationary company, and back in our University days we created a children's TV series idea and pitched it to the BBC!

Children are the future - so having the opportunity to inspire young minds and see how enthusiastic they were was a real pleasure. It's amazing how tech-savvy youngsters are these days, the class were in the process of starting their own production using green screen technology. We really enjoyed our visit and answering all the pupils questions, you can view more on St Julian's blog.

Are you interested in a talk on filmmaking, photography or blogging by Nutty Pear? Contact us!

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