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Six game changers that's revolutionising McDonald's Restaurants

Preparing the Big Mac

I was recently invited to visit a local McDonald's in Cardiff that (like many others) has undergone a 21st century revolution. I was excited by the prospect of learning about the new changes having been a longtime customer who appreciates their commitment to raising quality and reducing environmental impact.

In this post I share six of my favourites things about the restaurant right now - many of which are complete game changers. McDonald's has sponsored this post but all opinions (and the big mac below) are my own.

Creating my own Big Mac

1. Fresh is Best

Putting on an apron and cap I joined the team for the afternoon and discovered how the new streamline kitchen system works by making my own Big Mac. Each and every order is handcrafted to customer specification in mere moments by the staff who work together on a conveyer belt like process. That means no more food getting cold in the counter and less waste, win-win!

McDonald's Bag with personalised name badge

2. McDelivery

With UberEATS you can finally order McDonald's to your house! For many this will be huge news having long desired a McMuffin on a wet Sunday morning in bed. McDelivery is currently being rolled out across the country, including 6 of their Cardiff restaurants. You can find out more on the What Makes McDonald’s webpage:

McDonalds Mobile Order QR Code System

3. The Mobile App

If you’re constantly on the go or have a short work break you can order a meal through the app and scan the QR code on arrival to pay and process your order - saving precious minutes queueing in the lunchtime rush. The menu also includes helpful information about calories and ingredients for those with dietary requirements.

McDonald's Restaurant Tablet Devices

4. Tablet Devices

You’ve probably noticed in many McDonald's restaurants there’s a family area with long tables and tablets. Children can be kept occupied with interactive games, but adults can also use these to check emails and social media.

5. You can get work done

The Cardiff restaurant has also supplied usb charging points on tables in response to today’s technology based lifestyle. Years ago I’d have thought working on a laptop in a McDonald's wouldn't be at all practical, but it really is a viable option in 2017 with plug sockets and the expanding McCafé range and comfortable seating areas. In fact I was surprised to hear how popular this has become falling only 2nd to Costa as Britain’s biggest coffee supplier!

Digital Order Screen in McDonalds

6. Table Service

Besides mobile, you can now order on a digital screen in most McDonald's restaurants with the ability to customise your meal and scan vouchers. You can also select a zone you’re sitting in so the order can be brought you instead of hanging around at the counter. Other cool features are the language options for international diners (this was such a help when I dined in Italy) and a wheelchair and child friendly button in the bottom corner.

McDonald's Frappes

With all these changes and a fresh and modern look, I'm genuinely impressed by McDonald's responsiveness to the public appetite. The technology has reduced the potential for order mistakes and the new kitchen system ensures you get a hot and fresh meal every time.

Thanks to Hannah, Miss Nicklin for providing some of the images above. Keep an eye on her blog for her take on the McDonald's experience.

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