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Our Top Free Photo Editing Apps for Mobile

iPhone shot of restaurant meal

If you're like us and always on the go, there's often little time to stop, sit and edit your photos on great (but often expensive) computer software. Here's our top free apps for your mobile that allow more time for Instagram-worthy adventures...

Before and after VSCO edit

This free app comes with 15 fantastic built-in filters that can totally transform a dull image in a few clicks. If you hit the 'shop' button in the filter section you can also find a few more sneaky free filters to add to your collection.

This more advanced app lets you have (pretty much) unlimited control over your images. You can select specific sections or colours in the photo and alter the brightness, contrast and saturation. It also has some cool effects to experiment with, such as; grunge, lens blur, vintage and glamour glow.

Magic Kingdom using Phonto App

This app is good for adding a quick filter onto an image, but it's main use is for adding text. There's a tonne of fonts in the catalog so you'll be sure to find a style for every theme.

Now while this isn't strictly a photo editing app, it does allow you to add a watermark to your image in a matter of seconds. You can choose from a few different fonts, change the opacity and size so you can ensure your brand is always present.

Instagram before and after

Gone are the days of just adding a filter to a picture in Instagram and posting. The app is now incredibly useful for editing a picture too, including the ability to alter the perspective and even out in-balances.

Do you have any go-to photo editing apps on your mobile? Let us know!

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