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M Shed Bristol

M Shed café

M Shed Bristol has recently revamped its M café with a fresh design and appetising new menu. We were invited by M Shed to this launch event

M Cafe in Bristol food menu
Cafes around Bristol Harbourside

There's plenty of fairtrade and organic food and drink available and Jamie wasted no time indulging in a tall glass of steaming hot chocolate whilst Hannah sipped her more sophisticated drink of choice, a creamy latte.

M Shed Harbourside Location

Located on the Harbourside, the central location has a lovely view and is ideal for a lunch, quick bite or leisurely stroll around the exhibits. We devoured the savoury snacks, healthy salad bowls and loaded sandwiches, but were particularly sold on the desserts jars... especially the berry cheesecake.

Dessert at M Shed Bristol
Berry cake

Until the 5th March they also have an exhibition for 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' which we had a sneak peak at. As photography finalists at the UK Blog Awards, we appreciate the dedication that goes in to producing these inspiring works of art. If you're a fan of photography or nature be sure to check it out, some of the photos are very striking and almost surreal!

M SHED Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol


0117 352 6600 |

Our experience was complimentary of M Shed / Café however all opinions are our own.

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